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How many days do I have?

Timing rules are strict in a 1031 Exchange. Use our Days Calculator to help keep you on track.

Enter the date the relinquished property (sale) was closed:


Disclaimer: This calculator is a tool to be used as a guide in planning for your exchange. Days are based on calendar days and not business days; with no exceptions for weekends or holidays. In some situations, individual variables need to be considered to calculate the dates accurately, such as the due date of the exchanger’s tax return and the date of any filing extensions; these situations are beyond the functionality provided by this calculator.
Neither Turner Investment Corporation nor McDermott Investment Services, LLC guarantees the accuracy of information provided. Nothing on this site is intended to provide tax or legal advice which can only provide by your own qualified tax or legal advisors. Information is intended to provide you with useful business points to discuss with your own tax or legal advisor(s).

Exchange Deadlines

Key deadlines that the Exchanger must meet to have a valid exchange:

  • 45 Day Deadline: You must identify potential like-kind replacement properties prior to midnight of the 45th day after closing on your first relinquished property.
  • 180 Day Deadline: You must complete your 1031 Exchange transaction, which includes closing on all like-kind replacement properties that you intend to acquire, by the earlier of:
    1. Midnight of the 180th calendar day following the close of your first relinquished property, or
    2. The due date of your Federal income tax return for the tax year in which the relinquished property was sold, including any extension of time to file. (May apply if the first relinquished property closed October 17th to December 31st.)
  • Both the 45th day and 180th day deadlines may, be extended by up to 120 days if the Exchanger qualifies for a disaster extension under Rev. Proc. 2007-56. (Does not provide taxpayer relief for Coronavirus pandemic)
  • For more information about relief for taxpayers affected by the ongoing Coronavirus 2020 Pandemic, you can read through our post or the IRS document here.

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